You got 30 days?

On September 8th I posted that I was doing a “Primal Challenge” from a website that was based on this new (to me) concept of primal eating – only eating whole foods – nothing processed, etc. This was in line with what I have been moving towards for the past year, but with a twist. Eliminating food groups. I had vowed earlier this year – no more diets, no more eliminating food groups…. everything in moderation. Well, what I have learned is that moderation gets you no where! Moderation leads to little cheats that add up and do not get you anywhere near your goal.

As I followed this primal challenge I learned about “paleo eating”. Again, more labels for basically clean eating – no processed foods, etc. Paleo has been around awhile, but essentially eating only what our ancestors would have eaten (some, as usual, take it to extremes). Here is what you eat; meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, some fruit, little starch. Here’s what you don’t eat; grains, dairy, legumes.

I really struggled with giving up the grains. Did I want, yet again, to give up an entire food group for the sake of a “diet”, “feel deprived”, crash and burn, give up, fail… yet again. I thought long and hard about this – I read a lot and listened to a lot of podcasts, etc. Now, I am easily swayed – I have to say that I will “drink the cool-aid” that anyone is selling if it promises me to lose weight. Did I want to do it again? Well, you live and learn, right? This is the one thing that I have not tried before and there is actually some pretty interesting stuff out there about this.

I have read a lot these past few weeks about how many people have an underlying sensitivity to grains, mostly gluten, that cause problems like HYPOTHYROIDISM…. joint pain, headaches, bloating. I am not running out to get any tests to see if I am really have issues I thought I could just eliminate some things and give it a try. I have been listening to the podcast by Robb Wolf, author of the Paleo Solution and what I liked about him is that he is like, try it for 30 days to see if it works…. what have you got to lose?

Then I stumbled upon another website Whole9 that happened to be starting up a 30 day challenge. They say the same thing… give it 30 days. Reset your body with whole eating. What grabbed me was their no-nonsense, no-excuses attitude. There is one section on the Whole 30 Challenge link called “It’s For Your Own Good”. It made things crystal clear. Sign me up.

I have spent the last month slowly eliminating the gluten and other grains. I have not had any legumes, but I did have some peanut so that will have to go… I eliminated most daily, but did finish off my beloved blue cheese dressing. I haven’t touched wine, beer or liquor in a week and a half. I think I am ready for the 30 days. No sweat.


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