Really want some chips! (not)

I do believe I am completely mental sometimes! Over the past month I have been slowly weaning myself from wheat, other grains, cheese and eggs and doing really well. I have had any real cravings, even as I got really strict last week I was ok.
For the past 10 days I have been completely, 100% “paleo” and not thought another thing about it. Until, that is, on Sunday.

On Sunday I “committed” to this program. I started the Whole30 Challenge and committed to 30 days of this eating. All of a sudden I started thinking of the things I can’t have. I didn’t have them last week and didn’t care… now, all of a sudden I care? It is the whole stupid “diet” mentality of deprivation. Although, the whole concept of being deprived bad foods is really ridiculous if you think about it. How can I be overweight and deprived? By being overweight am I not depriving myself of a long, healthy, active life? Isn’t THAT true deprivation? Not eating junk food is not deprivation. It’s just crazy I tell you!

I listened to a video on Crossfit Journal about motivation – they guys said something like (paraphrasing here…) 80% of motivation comes from your expectations. If I expect to feel deprived then I will. If I expect myself to give in to eating junk food then I will. I have to have different expectations.


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