Big Cauliflower FAIL

I started this challenge (no grains, dairy or sugar) knowing I would not be able to have some of my favorite foods, pizza being one of them. Traditionally we have pizza on Friday night. I have been wanting something warm and creamy (even though I cannot have cheese!). I set out to explore the World Wide Web for some inspiring pizza crust ideas.

Enter the cauliflower pizza crust.

What could be better (besides the real deal?) I love cauliflower and the blogs I found showed me pictures of golden brown, bubbling pizzas. Again, most of these pictures contained cheese, but whatever…

So the recipe called for me to cook the cauliflower, mash it, and make sure any excess water was soaked up. Add an egg and form into a pizza crust shape… done:

Add toppings, bake… get ready to eat!

Or not

Well, it was fine. Just how you would expect a cheese-less pizza with a cauliflower crust would taste.

It was better when I took the crunchy pepperoni and put the toppings on top and ate them as little mini-pizzas. I got the big pepperoni from Whole Foods and it didn’t contain any bad things. It was really good.

Oh well… my stomach got filled and I am generally satisfied.

On the plus side – I had a great workout tonight. I did 10 rounds of 10 each of the following; bench press, wall ball and sit-ups. The sit-ups were the best yet. I did them cross legged… it is a move from P90X that I could never do before – even after a round of P90X. You sit cross legged, then lay back, cross your hands across your chest and sit-up. 100 reps, done.


1 Comment

  1. Linda

    I give you credit for trying – if you don’t try how do know it it is good or not. The pizza as a whole looked good.

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