UGH… that pretty much sums up how I feel. The Whole30 plan is NOT liking me AT ALL. I have been completely strict for 7 days and as felt terrible for the last three. The last three days… Friday, Saturday and Sunday – makes for a fun weekend. Seriously. I have been bloated and gross all weekend. The frustrating thing is that my diet is spot-on and I am mentally FINE! I have not had a single craving (well, I want some whiskey, but, oh well). I am happy with the foods I can eat – I love them all and feel completely satisfied with my meals. I am not hungry, I am sleeping well, getting up refreshed, and having the best workouts ever.

What’s the problem? MY STOMACH HURTS! My stomach is bloated and cramping. (Not female cramping) digestive cramping. My stomach is in knots and there is no relief.

I was not expecting this at all. My diet was relatively clean before. Yes, I drank alcohol on the weekends and had some cheat days where I maybe had french fries or chips, but, in general, I do not; 1) go out to eat 2) eat highly processed, boxed/canned/frozen foods 3) junk food of any kind. I normally eat pretty good. God almighty – what in the world do people that do eat crap feel like?

This week I am going to keep all my vegetables cooked – raw hurts too much. I am also going to eat small portions. Frankly, I have always been able to put away A LOT of food. I cannot remember EVER pushing anything away because I “was full”. I have not been logging my food (but I should) this weekend, but I have determined that I do much better with smaller portions. On Saturday I felt great all day until dinner, when I actually sat down and ate a whole plate of food.

I have been doing a lot of reading about this problem and found that I might need probiotics and digestive enzymes. Who knows. I went and bought some and I will take before each meal. Hopefully they will help this process. I really like the idea of this “way of eating” but not sure of it for the long term. I will have to start seeing some relief soon.


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