Happy Birthday to me!

What a great day for a birthday I spent a lovely weekend with my wonderful parents who spoiled me with gifts, a wonderful meal and delightful home-made creme brulee – it was so good. I headed out home and the weather was damp and overcast, but by the afternoon it was sunny and about 60 degrees. Perfect for a run! I geared up and headed to the park for a 4.2 mile run/walk. I figured it was a nice number for turning 42 years old!  It felt good to get out in the sun and move my legs. It has been a while since I ran so I set the Gymboss up 4:1 – four minutes of running then one minute walk. There were times when I felt like I could have kept running, but I want to start off slowly so my hips don’t give me problems.

I warmed up at home with a series of mobility moves my brother showed me called The Maxwell Daily Dozen – “mobility exercises for strength and well-being”. I have a couple of routines saved up now for my warm-up – you can’t just start running, I think I have learned that the hard way!

I got to the track and walked for about 5 minutes before running… again, getting the body prepped for movement. I ended up being pretty slow but today was all about the mileage, not time. I tried to maintain an 11 minute per mile pace during my 4 minute running intervals, then walked at whatever pace I needed to walk to let my heart rate go back down. My heart rate got a bit higher than it should, but hopefully a couple of good, consistent weeks of running will improve my cardiovascular endurance.

I got home and did some more static stretching… not enough, I will do more later while watching TV. Thorough stretching takes time and I had a lot of energy that I wanted to use to finish getting myself ready for the week ahead.

I pulled out the juicer again. I tried it this summer and just couldn’t stomach the juice. I am going to try again with the help of some straining bags that my brother got for me. He said they make the juice nice and smooth…. they do. I made a couple of servings up for the next two days. Apple, celery, lemon and spinach juice – a refreshing concoction for the morning.

I am going to enjoy the rest of my birthday relaxing and eating  a bone-on rib-eye steak and some sweet potato fries… yummy!


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