Row, row, row your boat gently through the basement…

After dinner John and I sitting around when he challenged me downstairs for some jumping on my fancy new plyo box he built for me for my birthday:

This box is awesome – 20″ high, built with old concrete forms… it has an awesome beat -up look that I don’t think I want to paint over. I like it the way it is – it is rough and tough. But, the problem right now is that I am supposed to jump up on that thing and so far I cannot. Add that to the list of things that I have to work on… along with running a marathon and doing double-unders with the the jump rope. I have a lot to work on this year!

So, anyway, as usual, John CAN jump on the box effortlessly so I was summoned to the basement to give it a try with him. I grabbed my shoes and got ready for a personal training session.  I bounded down the stairs only to realize that I brought dirty shoes – no good… so I abruptly turned around to get clean shoes. I heard him chuckle… was it that funny that I needed clean shoes? How odd.

Here I come again – focused on the box I almost don’t notice the surprise – a new Concept 2 rower!!! He set me up! We have been talking about one of these for a couple of months now. It is the ultimate cross training device. It is tough. I wanted one and so did he. Little did I know that he ordered one! I screamed! How exciting. The home gym was almost complete and I was thrilled.

This thing is glorious. I jumped on it for some immediate rowing and was quickly winded after 500 meters with the drag  set at 5. Wow.  I proceeded to do my scheduled workout:

Maxwell Daily Dozen warm-up

20 glute-activators

15 flying dogs

50 kettle bell swings

After this I jumped on and rowed 500mx4, lowered the drag to 3 and focused on form. I could really feel it in my abs as I leaned back on top position. This is going to add another great dimension to my plan.

Back up to lunch… I had a great running workout earlier:

Warm-up with a 5 minute walk

Dynamic stretching

800 meter warm-up run

5 cadence drills

5 acceleration gliders

Run 800 meters

Walk to cooldown

hip flexor stretch

Total: Just over 2 miles

B: 3 eggs with a cup of spinach and salsa
L: salad with turkey and blue cheese dressing
S: celery and hummus
D: turkey burger, black-eyed peas, collards

110 oz of water

Back again tomorrow!



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