Tabata row

I was so looking forward to getting home tonight and working out. I have new equipment and a great workout plan – I am feeling very motivated because I am really mixing it up this time. I really like the variety… no more logging endless miles, no more listening to the babbling of Tony Horton and his cronies. It is just a good, solid plan and I am loving it.

Today’s workout:

Lunch: 30 minute walk outside with friends

Maxwell Daily Dozen for the warm-up
4 step-ups on the 20″ box
Then a work-out from The Four Hour Body – 13 reps each of:
Heavy dumbell squat
One-arm/one-leg dumbell row
Walking lunges with sprinter knee raise
Wide grip push-ups
Kettlebell swings
Myotatic Crunch
“Cat Vomit” crunch ( I know… gross name)
Hipflexor stretching

THEN – the grand finale:

Tabata row – 20 seconds max effort, 10 seconds slow row… repeat 8 times. Four minutes. The LONGEST four minutes of the workout! This workout is tough – I have done this running and with air squats and I have to say the row is the hardest yet. I managed to cover 940 meters in those 4 minutes. It was insane!

B: 3 eggs, spinach, salsa
S: cake.. yes, I know.. not part of the plan. However, my wonderful team brought me a birthday cake today and I couldn’t very well NOT have a piece. That would have been wrong. So, I got a piece, enjoyed it and moved on. For the record, it was yummy.
L: Turkey burger, collards, black-eyed peas ( my new favorite meal)
S: green juice (spinach, apple, celery, lemon)
D: Roast beef, green beans, roasted potatoes

Good night!


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