My butt was made for rowing…

I love the rowing machine. It is an incredible workout and one that I can make progress in without too much pain to my body. I’m not going to lie, the rowing machine is tough and it is not very comfortable on my butt, BUT, my butt does have more padding on it than it should and it provides a bit of “comfort”. Poor John and his fat-free butt has a hard time sitting on it for more that a few thousand meters at a time.

Today, since it snowed, I wanted to get an endurance  workout in and had a goal of 10,000 meters in one hour. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do it since I never went over 30 minutes and in 30 minutes I did about 4800 meters.

I decided to set a steady pace. The best thing I learned was to control my watts. I learned to maintain my strokes per minute while increasing and decreasing the watts. I can comfortably hold 70 watts – which doesn’t sound like much but it kept my heart rate at about 75% of max, perfect for an endurance workout. After 30 minutes I would increase my watts for about a minute and bring it back down, maintaining the same stroke per minute.  At some point I realize that if I maintained 80+ watts then I would finish with 11,000+ meters in an hour. So I picked up the pace.

To further increase the intensity of the workout I decided to really up my intervals the last 10 minutes. My highest wattage got to 161 watts. It was insanely hard. I ended up rowing 10,000 in 54 minutes and 11,150 in 60 minutes.

Follow that with:
1 hour shoveling snow… non-stop at a good pace
1/4 mile walk

20 glute activators
15 flying dogs

50 kettlebell swings with 35lb kettlebell
20 sit ups

Now I am going to relax the rest of the night!



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