Another incredible day off of work!

I’m not gonna lie… I would be happy to never go back to work again. I could easily stay home and find ways to occupy myself. The last couple of days spent home have been glorious> I have decided that my perfect workout times are around 10:00am then again about 1:00pm. I felt good and worked out hard.


Maxwell Daily Dozen
C2 Rower 5x 500 meters (sub for running today due to the ice and snow)
1: 2:37.6/99 watts/26 strokes per minute
2: 2:18.1/133/27
3: 2:16.9/136/28
4: 2:18.1/133/27
5: 2:20.0/128/27

WOW – this was TOUGH! I think it was almost harder than yesterday’s hour! Wattage is the key. I have had the damper set on 5, but John thinks I have too many strokes per minute so I am going to set the damper higher next time.


Four Hour Body A workout – 2 rounds:
1: Heavy dumb bell squat – 20 pounds (probably could go higher…)
2: one-arm, one-leg dumb bell row (it’s all about balance)
3: Walking lunge with sprinter knee raise (need to look this up to make sure I am doing it correctly)
4: Wide push-ups
5: kettle bell swings (1 set with 35lb, 2nd set with 15 lbs, I just couldn’t hang today)
6: myotatic curnch
7: cat vomit crunch

Hip mobility – 10 minutes

More blasted shoveling… it was fun yesterday!

B: 3 eggs, spinach, salsa, cheese
S: cottage cheese
L: veg soup, turkey burger
D: Italian sausage, veggies

I went to bed early again last night and slept like a baby. Hopefully tonight will be the same!






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