Another tool in the arsenal…

Today I started training with a new trainer…. Todd Durkin. Now, I will admit, that just like all my other trainers, he doesn’t know I exist.  I’m ok with that. Jillian didn’t know and she helped me get started and lose a bunch of weight. Tony pushed me hard and I got in the best shape of my life (so far). Hal didn’t know and he trained me through my first half marathon and much of my marathon. Jeff Galloway got me running again and will still continue to coach me this year through the marathon. Crossfit is awesome and I still love the concept, but what is lacking is a PLAN. I need a specific plan to follow, with specific set things to do each day. I like the variety and the intensity, it introduced me to mobility…. I just needed something to harness all that goodness.

Enter Todd (TD for short). He is a personal trainer that owns gyms and teaches other personal trainers. And, lucky for me, wrote a book.  Now I can get the same training that his elite athletes get. His book is The Impact Body Plan and it is beautiful. I am a self-proclaimed fitness/health book junkie. I cannot help buying the latest and great new promise to loose weight and feel great. With each book I learn something new… a new way to keep things interesting. Some might say they are fads, but who cares. I need all the help I can get in trying to find the right combination for my body.

Todd Durkin’s plan is a 10 week plan that incorporates everything that I wanted from strength training to joint mobility… It is laid out with gorgeous pictures illustrating all the moves, the book is very logical and is also filled with informational AND inspirational information.  I did the first day today and it was an awesome workout.

I am so excited to see how my running will improve. I felt great on Saturday and my legs felt strong the whole run. I will also continue to use the C2 a couple of times a week to get some interval training in. I have a lot to work on!


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