The Beast

The Beast is the nickname I have decided to give one of my favorite pieces of equipment. Maybe even the Green Beast. It is tough! But, I have seen some incredible improvement with it just in a couple of weeks of use. I do two sessions a week using it….

It is a massive 35lb kettle bell. It is heavier than it looks, that’s for sure. All I do with it is the basic kettle bell swing. When I first got it I could only do 5 swings at a time and I did 4 sets of 5 for a total of 20. The amazing this with the kettle bell is that it is an incredible cardiovascular workout and a killer workout for your glutes.  I am now up to 3 sets of 20 swings… with breaks in between. I need to take a minute or so in between each set to recover.


Here is a good video demonstrating the swing…


Tonight I did my swings barefoot. I read that it helps with form, but working out barefoot is good to help strengthen the foot muscles.

Today was a great day overall. My workouts were:
Maxwell Daily Dozen

3 mile run, with 1 minute intervals picking up the pace

Maxwell Daily Dozen again – LOVE IT
60 kettlebell swings
Tabata row (ouch!)

Looking forward to tomorrow!


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