Impact Day 2

After sitting in meetings ALL DAY today I was really looking forward to getting home and doing my Impact workout. I didn’t even stop to eat – just jumped right in. I really love the progression of warm-up, mobility, core, strength and stretch. All the stuff I need and have been trying to fit in myself neatly packaged up for me!

The toughest thing I have found this first week are the lunges… my goodness you have to do a lot. There are lunges of different kinds in the warm-up, then the first exercises of the strength portion are walking lunges… 2 reps of 20 for each leg. It takes forever! It might be better if I could just do 20 right in a row, but my workout room only allows for 4 lunges in a row so I have to keep turning around… I almost get dizzy!

The other hard exercise is the step-up. Stand on a box that comes to knee-high (mine is 16″), holding weights. step down off the side and lift back up…. 20 reps each leg. Hopefully these will help get my hips strong.


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