Feeling great!

WOW – what a week. IMPACT + running = tough. A good tough! I felt strong and productive all week and had some of the best runs I have had in awhile. My legs are strong and not feeling as much pain as usual (knock on wood!!) I have been diligent about stretching in the morning, before my work out and afterwards. It seems like a bit much sometimes, but as long as I keep feeling good I will keep at it.

Saturday was a 4.5 mile run with TRC… we had a great group of people show up and we were all basically the same pace. It was nice to run and talk (when we could!)… there were some big hills so there wasn’t a whole lot of chatting going on.

Sunday I did 4 miles of speed training on my own. This week is going to be hectic so I need to get my workouts in early. Speed training after my long run probably wasn’t the best idea, but it had to be done. I ran some really strong intervals and actually went a bit faster than I thought I could. It is amazing how the body can spring back with just a couple of weeks of hard effort.

I am still loving my Impact workout….except for all the lunging… geeze! I think week 2 changes it up a bit! I almost am getting my rowing in a few times as week! Things are going great.



  1. Linda

    I am caught up on your blog. I was looking for a while but nothing was written – I guess during the holidays and the snow I got out of checking.

    Then today for some reason it dawned on me – Laura’s blog!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. lauraph2009

    Well, between the holidays and my stupid computer it was hard to blog. I need a new laptop so I stop losing my blog posts!!! I can’t tell you how many I have lost!!!

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