Focused and prioritizing

It is a busy week this week but I am not letting that deter me from meeting my workout goals for this week. I planned and prioritized to make it happen. I had to switch things up a bit to get them all in there and so far I did it….

Maxwell’s Daily Dozen
Impact Week 1 Boot camp with rowing intervals… TOUGH
4 mile running with speed intervals (Actually Tuesday’s workout)
Foam roller and stretching

Maxwell’s Daily Dozen
Impact Day 1/Week 2… the Bosu and TRX gets added this week!!!

Run 4 miles (only accomplished 2, but it was in the rain and cold on my lunch hour at work so I am proud of those 2. I was tempted to skip but I didn’t) This was Thursday’s workout.

BUSY day at work and a late night… I knew I wouldn’t be able to do after work because we had a “team building” event (bowling). So, I got up early to get my Impact Day 2/Week 2 done. It was great. I certainly don’t want to get up that early everyday to workout but some days you have to do what you have to do!
Maxwell Daily Dozen

Thursday: This will be rest day
Friday: This will be my Saturday long run day
Saturday: not sure
Sunday: not sure

I get to go see Katheryn this weekend! I am so excited to see her and Mollie. I am sure we will do a lot of walking with Mollie so I will get in what I can.


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