Early rest day!

I decided to take my rest day early this week. I couldn’t do anything else today! It has been a crazy, long week and between work and some really tough workouts I was ready for a rest. To make my rest day extra special I came home to a beautiful fire in the fireplace

Yesterday I had a killer Impact workout. There were some killer new core moves with the TRX that I could not really even do but my abs are so sore today. I had to do three different moves; the plank, the atomic push-up and the pike. ALL very hard. I was able to hold the plank 30 seconds, as prescribed, I was able to do 5 pitiful (instead of 10 good) atomic push-ups, and 10 pikes (haha). The atomic push-up is pretty much a knee tuck move with a push-up. This amazing video is not exactly what I had to do… she actually combined the two moves. VERY IMPRESSIVE. It is always amazing to me how easy some people make these things look. I about killed myself trying to do the pike move. My butt is entirely too heavy to lift up that high!



  1. Linda

    Dang, I almost starting laughing watching her lift her butt that high.

  2. lauraph2009

    I know! It’s crazy. You would probably laugh more seeing me TRY to get my butt that high!

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