Awesome running weekend!

I got my run on this weekend for sure! The weekend started out with my brother at the base of Crowder’s Mountain – the plan – 5+ miles on the trail. The first half mile is pretty steep so we walked at a good pace until we reached the branch of the trail we were going to run. The next two miles were rocky and full of roots, but I managed to stay on my feet. I stayed totally focused on where I was placing my feet. I did NOT want to go down.

At the end of the two miles we take a left to head up the mountain. There was no gradual incline here! I had flash backs from the Grand Canyon until I was relieved to find out that the climb barely lasted a half mile. It was actually steeper than the Grand Canyon… we had to essentially step up rocks for the last quarter mile. (Note: my box step-ups are paying off!)

We got to the ridge – it was very foggy so we didn’t see many views, but it was cool just the same. No time for resting we continued up the ridge. We actually had to climb over some large boulders and walk some narrow areas (narrow for me). After all the rock scrambling we finally started to descend… but not for long. When we hooked up to the main trail you could go left and keep going back down, or right to go back up. Jeff thought it would be fun to do 30 second sprints to the top. It was TOUGH. I can’t say I was very fast, but it was as fast as I could possibly go.

We made it to the top, finally, and headed down for the last two mile or so. My legs were fatigued, but it felt good.

Sunday was a wonderful afternoon run with a woman from the running club. We did the Warrior Loop route and did a solid 5.5 mile run at a decent long-run pace. My legs were fatigued from yesterday, but I felt great and finished strong. I decided to pick up the pace for the last quarter mile.

As soon as I got home I headed to the basement to do my Impact weekly bootcamp workout and some stretching. After all of this I was ready for a shower and some food!

Bring on week 4 of Impact!!!


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