Getting faster!

Yesterday was speed training and I felt pretty great. After a mile warm-up I did 6 400 meter repeats. I didn’t log my times like I should have so I have no numbers to post but I focused on may pace. I ran most of them at a 9:30 pace – with a couple of them getting down to 8:30 pace. I was sucking wind so bad! It took me over a minute between each interval to recover fully before starting the next one.

Next week I have to get out my old speed training plans from when I trained for my first 10K. I liked the variety each week. Lately I have just been doing 400’s and I know I need more longer intervals like 800’s and 1000’s. I also need to start focusing on my times so I know what I need to shoot for.

At night I just did some foam rolling and lacrosse ball rolling. My foot muscles are really fatigued so I did some foot stretches – I need to be consistent about doing them daily. I don’t want to end up with plantar fasciitis – that stuff hurts and it is hard to heal. If I stay on top of my stretching I should be ok. There is SO much to do all the time!


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