SINS – Not what you think. I have no sins to confess here, only a proclamation to continue to get fit and strong and make the best progress of my life. There is a great on-line community supporting a movement called “Strong is the New Skinny“. They started a challenge called the SINS Body Transformation. The great thing about this is I do not have to change what I have been doing. No new plans, no new diets… I just need to keep doing what I’m doing….

This year I am off to a strong start. I have been making progress on my goals and feel stronger than ever.

Goals for this year:
Lose 40 pounds
Run a marathon
Get stronger
Avoid injury

To accomplish these things I am continuing my diet of whole, unprocessed foods – meats, vegetables, nuts, seeds, some starch, little fruit. Since I have been doing the whole “dieting” thing for most of my adult life my goal is not to make a big deal about it. To steal Michael Pollan’s words, “eat FOOD, not too much, mostly plants”.

I am slowly building my my miles for running using Jeff Galloway’s “Running: A Year Round Plan”. I fell behind in the weekly miles while training with some friends for a local 10K, but I will catch back up. My first goal is to get the mileage up then to work on speed. The marathon (my third and hopefully successful attempt) will be HOPEFULLY the Marine Corps Marathon 10/21/11. I have to get in… registration opens 2/23… if I don’t get in then the back-up is the Savannah Rock and Roll Marathon 11/5/11.

GET STRONGER! I have been consistently working out for a couple of years (helped me lose 80+ pounds) but it was mostly cardio… actually TONS of cardio. It wasn’t until P90X last summer that I did any weights, but after that I went back to cardio and lost most of the strength I gained. As a result I was plagued with hip injuries. With weak glutes and tight hip flexors I was in constant pain. Last October I discovered Crossfit and changed the way I started working out. Although I didn’t join I used the principles at home with my own equipment and feel stronger than ever.

My current strength program I am following is not Crossfit, but The Impact Body Plan
by Todd Durkin. It uses TRX, weights and other body weight exercises. I am in my 5th week… should be 6th, but I have a do-over this week after being sick last week.

So, that’s me… I am plugging along and feeling good.


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