Sunny, running weekend

After a couple of weeks of being under the weather I had to catch up on some miles. Goal – 5 miles Saturday and 8 Sunday.

Saturday I headed out to meet the running club at 8:00am… it was about 40 degrees and not windy. It was perfect running weather. The running club consisted of me and one other girl. I am happy someone showed up! Now that I have been running with people the past year it is hard to get out and go at it alone. Not that I can’t, but I like the company and the encouragement. This course had many decent hills that we encouraged each other up.

Sunday started a bit later…. the run was scheduled for 10:00. I thought it would be good to not set an alarm clock for once! I didn’t sleep late, but it was nice to get up on my own terms. There was a price to pay for my leisurely morning… heat. It is amazing how much the temperature can rise in the morning of February 27th! FEBRUARY! By the time my 6 mile run was complete, just shortly after 11:00, it was 77 degrees. The sun had blasted down on us for an hour. Luckily I carried water… actually a “sports drink” that I made myself. It did the trick.

I really wanted to run 8 miles, but a couple of things stopped me… 1) my stupid foot – Morton’s Neuroma is no joke. By mile 6 my right foot felt like nails were coming through it. 2) Other than my foot I felt great but I needed to train smart. Although I could have done two more miles I decided that that would have increased my mileage for the week too much. One of the goals this year is NO INJURIES. I have been doing two runs each weekend for the past few weeks is no issues (knock on wood!). I have been adding one mile per weekend so I need to stick with that plan.

This week I have got to get my week day runs in. Tuesday is speed and Thursday is hills. I have to make the time to get those in. I am not going to get any better with two long weekend runs.

So, tomorrow it is back at it… making progress!


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  1. Linda

    Keep massaging those feet.

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