I suck at blogging lately!!

I love blogging, but lately I cannot seem to get inspired to write anything and when I do my stupid computer crashes!!! I am hoping for a bonus at work this year and if I get one I will be in line at the Apple store for a Mac laptop. I am DONE with Dell and Microsoft! It is very frustrating to put effort into a blog post and have it disappear!


I have been pretty consistent lately… getting my workouts in and slowly building my miles. I am feeling good, with the exception of some hip pain this week that is totally my fault. Too much sitting at work and not enough stretching. I know what to do about this pain but, as usual, I just need to DO IT. It is so busy at work and very stressful. Some people use stress to their advantage and can work it off and thrive on it. Not me – I get tired. Exercise is fairly stressful for me – it’s not like it is a joy to do everyday. I like how I feel after I do it and the sense of accomplishment I get after obtaining a goal, but I really have to focus. When I spend 10+ hours of the day working in a stressful situation the last thing I want is more stress… even if it is a good stress.

My go-to comfort is eating something tasty and comforting… again, not really conducive to my goal. I am sorry to say, but HEALTHY food is not generally comforting. I want it to be. I try making my mind believe that some turkey rolled up in a lettuce leaf is comfort food…. a big salad is satisfying… a green drink is warming… it’s not. When you are an emotional eater it is hard. I need to work on this and I am, but it is a struggle. I need a whole brain shift. It’s FOOD, nothing more, nothing less.


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  1. Linda Phelps

    I feel the same way about food – I like to eat when stressed. Just have to keep fruit and popcorn around.

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