Fresh start!

I finally got a new computer that will actually allow me to type and insert pictures… not that I have any today, but I plan on having some going forward. I feel like I just need to start over with this blogging thing now that I can actually finish a sentence without the stupid computer deleting everything!

For the past few weeks my focus has been to just build miles and work on mobility. I still have a good bit of hip pain and foot pain… my Morton’s Neuroma is the most painful it has ever been. I have ordered some Kenisology Tape and found some videos on YouTube on how to apply the tape. I just hope it gets here soon so I can experiment before the big race this weekend!

A group of us girls from the running club are heading down to Charleston to run the Cooper River Bridge 10K. I am very excited to not only race but to get away for a girls weekend. It will be so much fun! I have been running a fair amount but not TRAINING like I should have been. I remember back in 2009 when I ran it for the first time I was completely focused on this race. I did all of my training like my life depended on it… not so much this time. I will be surprised if I get a better time than I did the first…. Which, seems odd since I have logged 100’s of miles since then!

I am going for the fun of it… luckily I have no chance of winning anyways so it is not like the pressure is on!!! I am looking forward to a weekend of fun!!


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