The Day After

Yesterday was the big race day. It was an excellent weekend filled with lots of laughs and fun. This year I took a “girls trip” down to Charleston for the race with 10 other women. It was only the second time in adult life I have taken a girls trip… the first one didn’t go really well, but that will not be discussed here…

Anyway, the weekend started off great. We hit the road on Friday at 9:30 and headed to Charleston. We made a stop at Starbucks and the half-way point in Columbia to get some our fix. The trip was fun with lots of talking and laughter. It is fun to be around a bunch of smart, funny women.

The beach house was AMAZING. It was more then we could have ever asked for… we settled in and the commenced to cooking. We created a fabulous Italian feast to “carb-load” for race day. Everything was so delicious; there are a lot of amazing cooks in the group.

Race day started off early with a 4:30 AM wake-up call for me. I wanted to get up early to get my mobility exercise done. I started a pot of coffee and went through my normal routine of hip circles, side lunges, body-weight squats and other mobility moves. The rest got up shortly after and we had breakfast and headed out. I made myself some “egg muffins”… some eggs mixed with mushrooms, spinach, red bell peppers and cheese. I made these the day before so I could just warm them up. I also prepared some sweet potatoes for my carbs.

I have to admit, I was a bit stressed on race morning. There was a lot of coordination that went on to get us to the start line… I am truly grateful for all that went into getting us to the start line, but we got there in the nick of time and it was a bit too close for comfort for me. I needed to just chill out… everything was fine and under-control. I just have a hard time with running late for things… I like a nice padding and we just did not have that. Everything turned out fine in the end… I hardly doubt my finish time was impacted at all by our non-early arrival.

I started the race conservatively. I did my run/walk plan with the other girls I have been training with. It was a ton of fun. I ran well and were really enjoying the race. I decided not to use my iPod and I am so happy with that decision. I got to hear all the sound of the race… there were bands and music along the way that I am sure I would have missed if I had head phones on.

Around mile 4 I started hearing John’s voice in my head….. “don’t leave anything on the race course….” “give all you have”. Up until that point I was COMFORTABLE. I felt good, I was having fun. What the “H”!!!! I was in a RACE!! I was supposed to be pushing it. It was supposed to be UNCOMFORTABLE. I was not giving my best effort and I knew I needed to change. At mile 4 I decided to go “all in”. I ran as fast and as hard as I could. It felt good knowing I was giving 100% effort and knew I needed to change my training ways. I ended up finishing in 1 hours, 11 minutes, which was 3 minutes under my PR. I felt good at the end and was ready for more.

Again, I learned a lesson. I needed to train like I really WANT IT. I have been training pretty good, but not ALL OUT EFFORT. Have I been giving 100%? NO. I have not. I have been missing my lunch time workouts…. I have been making WORK more important than myself and that is not good. I need to give 100% all the time.

I am going to follow the Crossfit Endurance site for my workouts and give 100%+ overtime. I WANT to run fast and do well in the marathon. If that is going to come true I need to FOCUS and work HARD. It shall be done.



  1. Ted Phelps

    Nice report, Laura. “All in”, I like that.

  2. lauraph2009

    I was hoping you would read and pick up on that!

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