I started the day with an awesome track workout with the fastest girl I know. It was cold and dark but we got out there and did it. She probably did twice as many laps as I did, but it was all good. She was motivating to be with and I had a great time.

For S&C I planned on doing my CFE workout today at lunch. Deadlifts, pull-ups and push-ups. Lunch came and went and work was done. Before I knew it the work day was over and I didn’t get my workout in. I ran out of time. I told myself that it was ok because of the great workout this morning and I was so sore from yesterday… it was ok I skipped my workout that I promised myself I would do.

I got home at 7:30PM… I worked 10-7 today. It was late and I was hungry. I made some dinner and settled into my relaxation clothes and ate my dinner and relaxed. When I picked my laptop and opened it up it was on the CFE site that showed the workout I missed. Oh well. I am tired and it is late. It is after 8:00 at this point and who exercises this late? I surfed a little and got on Facebook where I found a post from Todd Durkin. Enough said. Yes, it’s six minute long, did I really want to watch it for six minutes? Sure. WELL. I was NOT giving my very best. I was sitting on the couch.

Needless to say I changed into my workout clothes and got to it. After my warm-up it was time for my plank. I got my music on and put on my pretend blindfold. I set my stopwatch and held…. YOUR VERY BEST… YOUR VERY BEST… I collapsed on the floor and opened my eyes to 1:59! My longest hold ever… just shy of 2 minutes by 1 second!

I went on to the workout and felt great. I will be sore tomorrow, but with luck I will continue to be sore for awhile.


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