In case you forgot….

Today is REST DAY! I was debating about this day… it seems that CFE doesn’t believe in REST days, at least not that I can tell. Maybe one day I will be there… but for now i need to rest. I need to know that day is coming that I do not have to go all out and give my best… I need to rest so here I am.

On another note, it seems that one of my loyal blog readers (a.k.a John.. or at least I hope it was him since it was left in my house) left me a SD card reader so I can download some photos. So here they are… the new members of my gym:

The large blue and green rubber bands are for mobility. I haven’t tried them out yet but apparently they are supposed to open up my sockets… anyone can stretch a muscle, but it takes a special something to open up a socket… we shall see.

The thin rope is my new “speed rope” which is proclaimed to allow the jumper to do double unders. The ELUSIVE double under. The thing I cannot seem to understand… grasp, much less master. I am hopping that this fancy “rope”, more like a wire, will help. I will post my progress.

Next is the AbMat. This black wedge is what they use at Crossfit if you cannot do the GHD (Glute Ham developer). I might be able to do the GHD, but I do not have one. I will use the AbMat. Hopefully I will soon have abs of steel.

Tomorrow it is back at it… whatever CFE throws at me I will do. Looking forward to it!


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