Mobility Under the Sun

Now that I am armed with my new, special super bands I have to find a place to attach them. The idea is that they hold resistance against your body… pulling in opposite direction of your stretch. The problem is that you need a pretty strong anchor. I my basement gym I have a treadmill and a foosball table that I thought might be adequate – I was wrong. As soon as I attached it and started to pull they both came with me.., not a good anchor point!

So, outdoors I went. The best pace was our basketball post. I would never move. I brought up my mat, the band, the straps and settled in.

I got into position… laying on my back I managed to get the band around the top of my leg so that while I was pulling my leg toward the top of my head the strap was pulling my hip in the opposite direction. Sounds confusing, but it wasn’t.

I had my trusty Gymboss set for three minute intervals with 10 seconds on between to give me enough time to change legs. 10 seconds was not really enough! The bands are STRONG. It is hard to get them in position!

So here I am,,, on my back, in my driveway, strapped to a basketball post, with on leg up in the air. I must say, it was probably NOT attractive and I really couldn’t relax for fear someone would come up the drive. In fact, just minutes before some bible-thumpers came up to the door to hand out some pamphlets. I ignored them and they went on their way. BUT, what would they have done if they found me now? Hopefully they would have prayed for me, because I was in a precarious position.

I was locked in. It was no easy feat getting that band in position and holding it there. If a strong gust of wind was to go through and knock down one of those tall trees… I would be toast. But, that is typical me… thinking of the worst and most ridiculous scenarios.!

I held each leg for 4 minutes and afterwards did some squats… I felt limber! Stretching those sockets really does work!! I wish I could have either taken or found a picture to show completely what I was doing. Maybe one day I will have John take on of me. Until then, use your imagination!


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