Single, single, double…

Times three… let’s say it again… single, single, double, single, single, double, single, single double.


The elusive double-under.

A couple of months ago I was really giving it my all and just could not get one. I jumped and jumped. I just couldn’t get it. I finally decided was enough was enough and moved on to something else.

Now that I am back doing Crossfit I knew that the double-under would soon make an appearance so last week I got my fancy speed jump rope; the skinny little wire of a rope. It is hard to even call it a rope. It was the ticket. I was convinced it was my stupid old, think jump rope that was preventing my success. I got it last week and it has been hanging there looking at me. I had not tried it yet. I was waiting for the WOD to appear that would force me to face it.

Today’s workout was:
Back Squat: 7,5,5 (35lb)
Power Clean: 5,5,3,3 (35lb)
Shoulder Press: 3,3,1,1 (35, 50 lb)
Rest 5 minutes
3 rounds for time:
10 Jump Squats
15 Knees to Chest
20 double unders

The weights were fine – I am not lifting very heavy because I do not really have the equipment to safely lift much heavier on my own. Since I do not want to join a gym I will have to figure something out. The lighter weight is fine right now as I work on my form and get used to doing the moves correctly. I know I can lift heavier, but I am still feeling the burn so I am not worried about it.

Knees to chest – this is supposed to be done hanging from a pull-up bar and bringing your knees to your chest. No can do. So I did bicycle crunches on the ground.

Double unders. For this timed portion of the workout I did 50 singles for each set. I need to get used to the rope plus I needed to do the workout.

After the workout was done I was ready to give it a go. After about 15 minutes of jumping and missing I hit one. I was in such shocked I missed the next jump. Another five minutes of trying goes by and I hit another. Then another… I finally strung them together with the singles and got in three without missing. I WAS SO EXCITED.

I squealed. Apparently too loud because, little did I know that John was out front with one of his friends and soon they were coming around the corner thinking there was some sort of wild chicken or turkey in the woods.

I tried a few more times after that and my legs were tired and I just could’t jump anymore. The past couple of days with leg work and speed training has worn me out. Today at lunchtime I had another tough track workout with more wind.

Today’s track workout was:
Half mile walk/run to the track
12 x 1 minute sprints with 30 seconds rest in-between
half mile walk back

Let me say for the record that 30 seconds is NOT enough rest time between these 1 minute sprints… remember my track is uphill and I was mostly running against the wind. It was perfect resistance training. Hopefully when I get to a flat track on a windless day I will be super fast!


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