Clap, swing squat!

I am beat for the week. This was my first FULL week of CFE. I have never done all the daily workouts in a row before. I have mixed and matched but this week I did them as close to as possible as I could. I might not have been able to DO all the moves, but I modified and did every workout as intensely as I could.

Today’s lunchtime run was 5 sets of 3 minute intervals – 3 minute sprint, 3 minute recovery. In the recovery interval I walked. I am sure the CFE people run fast then run not as fast… but I needed to breathe. I didn’t run as fast as I do the shorter intervals, but I did hold a 9:30 pace for each three minutes. Yes, that is fast for me! I had a little less wind today at my “track” but I still mostly ran into the wind. I hope all this resistance pays off!

Tonight the S&C workout was short but tough. One interval in I stood up too fast and got dizzy!
On the minute every min for 15min or until Failure to complete the Round in the set minute.
4 Clapping Push ups (on my knees… still hard!)
8 Kettle Bell Swings, (I used my 35lb KB)
12 Air Squats (squats with no weight but deep)

So, that equals 60 clapping push-ups, 120 KB swings, 180 air squats. In 15 minutes!
Sweat was dripping on the floor!

My whole body is so tired… I am so looking forward to resting tomorrow!


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