I don’t talk about food much anymore. There is really nothing exciting to say; no new recipes, no new discoveries… I am just trying, as I have been for the past several months, to eat REAL food. My main goal everyday is not to eat processed food, or at least minimally processed since most everything is “processed’ in some way or another. No fancy diet, no counting calories. I feel good and am stronger than I have been in awhile; the whole philosophy of gaging the success of a diet with ” do you look better, feel better and perform better?” is what I am going by. Again, no scale for me because I tend to put too much emphasis on the number and feel bad about myself if it doesn’t go down.

My test lately is if my clothes are fitting better and I think they are. They are not falling off of my by any means, but I can tell the waist bands are not as tight and I am generally more comfortable throughout the day.

One thing that is annoying me lately is still feeling like I have to defend my food choices. At work people are constantly pushing food; someone brings in cake, another candy. I politely say no and they say, “oh are you on another diet?” “What are you not eating now?”

It’s true… I have run the course of diets over the years, but I have done so in an effort to improve myself and get healthier. Maybe last year it was meat… I went vegetarian for awhile, then even a month as vegan. I did it and I didn’t feel better.

Now meat is back in the picture, although I do my best to by only organic, pastured meat… I would buy more 100% grass fed but I have to ease into it. I really have not adapted to the different taste yet. I only buy pastured, organic eggs, butter from pastured cows, etc. If I chose convenience foods at the store such as tortilla chips or frozen fries I make sure they are free of additives, etc. There are some really good foods out there now that are “processed” such as frozen sweet potato fries, but they are just frozen sweet potatoes maybe with some seasoning.

Overall I CAN eat anything I want to… what I chose to eat on a daily basis is pretty open. Meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch.

OK, so I am avoiding wheat at this point, only because I have done some reading that suggests that if you have any sort of thyroid disease, which I do, then gluten should be avoided. Apparently, the little gluten molecules disrupt things… who knows, but it is worth a couple of months of experimentation to see if there is any effect to me. It takes a long time for the effects of gluten to get out of your body and any little cheat puts you back at square one. Again, I am doing my best to try to figure this whole thing out.

I do get discouraged because most people to not see it like I do and it can appears that I am just jumping to one fad diet to another. That is just so not true. I am on a quest for a diet that suits me and helps me achieve my goals without making me count calories and be hungry and obsessed with food all the time. This way of eating does those things for me.

As usual, I do a lot of reading on the topic of health and fitness and I came across a really great blog article about this very topic. It is a good one – kind of sums up how I feel about the whole diet thing….This is Silly.


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