Running without music

I have been experimenting lately with running with no music. Last year I was all about my playlists… I couldn’t get enough upbeat music to keep me going. I had multiple playlists depending on my mood. My brother made me a great playlist for my birthday that I listened to on my two 20 mile training runs. I looked forward to the music to take me away from what I was doing.

Now I run in silence. I run to listen to my breath and my steps and to concentrate on my form. I need to pay attention to my pace and my posture. I want to run well and you cannot do that by tuning out. I used to try to distract myself from the pain. That was wrong – now I listened to my body and adjust where needed. Guess what? No pain. I am not saying my body doesn’t hurt at times and my feet are not sore, but I am aware and I work through it. I have had some of the best runs the past couple of weeks because of this. I am pleased with my performance and I know I am improving daily.

“When you are chopping wood, chop wood; when you are carrying water, carry water.” – a Zen saying

“It would be good if some of you people learned that comfort and ease are not often associated with progress and accomplishment in any endeavor.” – Mark Rippetoe


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  1. krazykat9876

    Nice! I’m still stuck addicted to running with music, unfortunately. I ran in a half marathon-length mud run last month (which didn’t allow for an iPod, naturally) and you’re right…no pain! For road runs, I guess I’m just stuck in the music habit, though. Maybe next time I’ll go tune-free. 🙂

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