Perfect weekend!

Despite not doing my prescribed CFE workouts this weekend it was still a perfect weekend. My daughter, parents, nephew, daughter’s boyfriend, daughter’s dogs were all in for the weekend and we had a great time eating, drinking and being merry! It was a weekend filled with fun and relaxation.

That’s not to say we didn’t get any workouts in… Saturday morning we went for a short, but hilly, hike. Mollie was going full speed and poor little Tucker was doing his best to keep up. We mostly walked, but sprinted up some hills. We finished with a challenge with a fast sprint up the last hill. Mollie came in first, I in second… It was a chilly, but humid temp so I was sweating by the end.

That afternoon John and I entertained down in the workout room showing off the rower, TRX and other new equipment. We have an awesome home gym and I love showing everyone our workouts. We treated everyone to a Tabata row challenge!! It was fun to get a good challenge it. I know one of the benefits of going to a Crossfit gym is to have the competition of the other Crossfitters… something I am lacking at home. However, I need to take advantage of John a little more! He is the ultimate competitor but since we do not generally work out together I do not benefit from that side of him. Well, is him challenging me and an audience watching I rowed my best Tabata row yet. With the exception of the 6th or 7th interval I was holding an 200 watt average – this is unheard of when I am alone. I guess I had something to prove!

Dad, as always, impressed me with his fitness. He came down to the gym and, without hesitation, jumped up on the 20″ box… a few times. Then proceeded to do a series of atomic push-ups! WTH! I am not sure why I was surprised because he is a Marine, but STILL. Here is a 65 year old man showing me up! Amazing.

Katheryn rising to the challenge!

I sure wish I got some action shots of Dad!


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