The Perils of Exercising Outdoors

Lately I have been taking my workouts outside. I have an awesome patio right outside the door to my basement gym and after being stuck inside most of the day it is good to get some fresh air. I drag all of my stuff out there and go for it. One of the side benefits is that I sweat a lot more, too.

One of the downsides of being outside, as usual, are the bugs. Last week I had a lot of mosquito bites… tonight I seemed to have chocked on one. The mosquito flew into my mouth while I had the barbell overhead doing push jerks. I had to quickly bring the bar down and try to cough it up. I made myself gag coughing to hard! Later, a couple of tries later I could feel the mosquito biting me on the back of the neck! Talk about distraction!

I also had issues with ants on my mat – I worry about them crawling in my hair while I do my core workout. Most disgusting was the day after a rain when there were tons of caterpillars… I tried to sweep them all away but I ended up squashing some while jump roping. Not very pleasant – I hate thinking about squashing them and having them on the bottom of my shoe while jumping.

Maybe next time I will get some citronella candles or something!


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