Welcome the new addition to the gym!

Behold the new squat cage!

This was the last (for now) piece of equipment I needed (wanted). I have not been lifting heavy because I didn’t really have heavy weights, and I really had no safe way to lift what I had. I need this squat rack to be able to have to bar at shoulder height so I could back into it and not have to lift the barbell up over my shoulders. Also, on the side there are safety bars to that if I drop it they catch the barbell (hopefully that will not happen!)

I have been putting off the purchase because they are so expensive. Except, if you are smart (like John) and look on Craigslist! This heavy rack, Olympic barbell, and weights all together cost less than $300.

The barbell alone weighs 55 pounds, then I got a pair of each 45, 35, 25, 10, 5, 2.5. I just wish now that I had bought more plates… They were so cheap, I really should have gotten a couple of pairs of each.

I priced the whole package – and if I had bought retail it would have cost over $900. Granted, we had to drive to Atlanta and back (almost a 6 hour round-trip drive) but it was so worth it.

I did my first workout today with my new set up. I am going to build up heavier, but I started with:
3 sets 5 squats – 55, 75, 85
3 sets of 5 deadliest: 105, 110, 115

I am still practicing form so I am going to work my way up slowly. I have only been doing 35 – 50 pounds so this was definitely heavier!

Now on to running – I had a great session with a Crossfit Endurance coach yesterday. For an hour we worked on drills and form. Then we sat down to talk about programming. I learned so much! Crossfit Endurance follows the Pose or Chi-type running form; mid-foot strike with shorter strides and faster cadence. It is going to take some practice. I have been reading about this method and watching videos, but the personal instruction really helped. It really doesn’t feel natural to me at all, but since my “natural” way of running leaves me with aches and pains I thought I would try this new way.

As soon as my delicious lunch settles I am going out to practice some more!


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  1. Jeff

    You should put a mirror on the wall too – that will be essential. Looks great!

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