Work, eat, rest

Work, eat, rest… pretty much sums up my last few days. I took a much needed vacation from work – I had to get out of that place!! My goal was simple — do whatever I wanted to do, whenever I wanted. It was a success.

I started each day early so I could sit and enjoy my coffee and NOT have to get ready for work. It was so nice when the 7:00 AM hour rolled around and I didn’t have to leave. If I had slept in I would have missed that happiness!

After letting my breakfast settled I headed down to my gym to get my first workout in. I did my first “girls” WOD… some WODs are named after girls (not sure who they are) and some are named after heros; fallen Soldiers and Marines, police officers, firefighters, etc. My first girl WOD was “Jackie”. There is nothing girlie about it — it was tough.

Jackie: For time – 1000 meter row, 50 thrusters (I used 35 pounds), 30 pull-ups. I completed it in 11:41 minutes – I was DRIPPING sweat. This was very hard. Truth be told, the squat portion of the thrusters was probably not as low as it should have been. I probably should have used lighter weight and gone deeper. I will know next time.

All the other workouts I did were equally as good. I spent a bit of time each day practicing my double-unders and managed to string 5 of them together.

My runs were awesome. After my CFE session with the trainer I tried to work on my form during my other workouts. Friday was 10 x 200 meters. It was hard to maintain form interval after interval. I did this workout in the middle of the day and it was a bit hot… my face was beet-red but the end of it all.

Saturday was a great trail run with my friends. It was fun to get out on the trail and feel strong. I can definitely feel a difference since I have been doing the intervals — my legs felt sting. I ended up doing 5 miles — starting with a one mile walk and ending with a one mile walk. It was a good solid workout.

Sunday started off with a bang — a 4 mile track workout with a friend. We headed down to the high school track for 3 x (200 meters, 400 meters, 600 meters). This is a workout that shows up a lot on CFE but I have a hard time completing it on my lunch hour at work so it was nice to have the time to do it right. I messed up my watch the first round so I am not sure how fast I ran each interval. I felt strong the second interval and do believe I ran them faster than the first. Ideally I would have finished the last interval strong, but I do not think I did. I could feel myself slowing. I ran my hardest, but the legs just wouldn’t move any faster! All in all it was an excellent workout and a great way to start the day.

Another thing I focused on… my mobility. With the addition of the squat rack I am able to do my mobility exercises indoors. It is heavy enough for me to anchor my stretch bands to it without pulling it. Now I can do all the moves from MobilityWOD. I set up my old laptop down in my gym so I could always have immediate access to the mobility videos.

Now it is time to start a new week. I feel strong and ready!


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