Burpees in the WOD

The day I have been dreading! Each night I check the CFE site for the WOD of the day for the next day. THe new ones are usually posted after 9:00 PM. I like to know at least a day ahead what is in store for me… I clicked and low and behold the dreaded burps finally made it. YUCK. I knew they would be coming! I hate burpees. They are so hard to do. In reality I probably do not even do them 100% right. They take a lot of core strength to jump back and then do a push-up and jump back up. But, they are in the WOD so I will do them.

Run WOD:
3 rounds of 3 minute speed intervals with 3 minutes of recovery.

After a warm-up of walk/run, gliders, drills and dynamic stretching I did my intervals. UNfortunately it was high noon and I forgot my water, but I just tried to run faster to get it over with. I managed to get .33 for distance in each three minute interval.

Strict Press – 5 x 2 reps (55,60,65,65,65 pounds)
The strict press is standing and press the barbell overhead without using any lower body movement for momentum. This is harder than it seems. I didn’t realize how much just bending the knees and pushing up with your whole body can help. To just lift up with shoulders is very hard. I tried for 70 pounds, but couldn’t get it up.


Front Squat – 5 x 3 (55,55,55,55,55 pounds)
Standing with the barbell in front of body and rest on shoulders with elbows forward, squat. This is hard because you have to keep arms parallel to the ground.

This is so hard. My arms really do not stay in that position! I will have to practice with a light bar. I did them with the 55 pound Olympic barbell which I believe is a no-no until form is 100%.

Now the hard part!
6 rounds – 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off – push press and burps.
For 40 seconds do push press (same as shoulder press above but I can push with my legs) then rest for 20 seconds, then 40 seconds of burpees then rest for 20 seconds… repeat 6 times. My reps kept getting lower and lower!
14/9, 10/9, 8/10 (I managed to squeak out one more burpee on the end!)

The new squat rack helps so much with these workouts. I can keep the bar shoulder level so I can get right into position. I am SO happy I got it!


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