Memorial Month

One of the best things I like about Crossfit is it’s dedication to heros. Mostly, unfortunately, fallen heros… men and women who have lost their lives in war, fire or fighting crime. There are specific workouts dedicated to these fallen heros that are really tough. In honor of Memorial Day coming up I have decided that all of my S&C workouts this month will be the “Hero WODs”. They all are really tough – harder than normal WODs, intentionally I am sure.

Tonight I did my first one, “Coe” in honor of Army Sgt. Keith Adam Coe who was killed in Irag in 2010.

10 rounds for time:
10 thrusters with 95 pounds
10 ring push-ups

Naturally I had to modify a bit. 95 pounds is WAY to heavy for me! I did the first three rounds with 35, but could not maintain form with that much weight. After that I had to move to a 15 pound bar. Even that was tough by the last couple of rounds! For the push-ups I did my normal knee push-ups. It took me 11:41.

I might have done a bit better if I didn’t warm up with a Tabata row!! I killed it on the rower tonight. I learned some rowing technique during my Crossfit session last week and I really think it works. I ended up with 657 meters (my highest yet) and averaged 193 watts. I only had one bad interval and that was because in the one before I accidentally rowed through my rest period! I was on fire!

Although I am not going to regularly take my rest days on Friday, I might have to tomorrow. Saturday is my first trail race and I am going to go for the win!


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