Second place in my age group. I planned to win, but I fell short… I just didn’t have enough to win. I am ok with it – I felt good and strong the entire race – first place just had a bit more. I am going to practice more on the trails – I really need to improve on the downhill. I recently read that trail runners who win races are “fearless on the downhill”. Frankly, I am not. I am always afraid of falling and lose speed. I can power up the uphills, but a lot of good that does me if I run like an old lady down!

Still, it was a great time and more people came out than anticipated. I can’t wait for the next one!

I spent the rest of the day lounging and visiting with my Mom and Dad… a perfect Mother’s Day weekend. I enjoyed myself thoroughly!

Tonight I finished the weekend with a Hero WOD ” Danny” a fallen SWAT officer killed in the line of duty.

As Many Rounds As POssible (AMRAP):
30 box jumps
20 Push press
30 Pull-ups

Box jumps were only-9″. It was all I could to do get up that. I have to work on my 20″ jump soon enough. Push press was with 35 pounds, pull-ups were assisted with my foot on a bench. I was toast at the end. I did four rounds plus 10 box jumps. It took me awhile to recover!

Can’t wait to see what this week has in store for me!


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