Counting down to Sunday

I am excited and nervous about Sunday. I am mostly looking forward to testing out my Crossfit plan and to see if the strength I am building is helping me build endurance and prepare for the unexpected. One of the main tenants of Crossfit is to be prepared for the unknown. There is a lot of unknown Sunday – I have never run up there before and although 75% is hard pack dirt road, what is the other 25%? That is about 2.3 miles of unknown.

Last night I did heavy squats and lunges and a 500 meter time trial on the rower. I rowed 500 meters is 2:03, which is 4 seconds faster than my previous time trial. I was feeling 100% last night so I think I will be able to break 2 minutes soon. Just out of curiosity I looked up the top ranked 40-49 year old female in rowing competitions and she rowed 1:42. 25 seconds. It is just so funny how big of a deal 25 seconds is! I was going as hard as I could last night and was gasping for air when it was done. I can’t imagine going 25 seconds faster!!


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