Thoughts on why I might never be a real trail runner

In my mind I am tough. Perhaps even fearless. Then reality hits.

I decided to run some trails tonight – the goal was some hill repeats up and down the gas line. I warmed up, turned on the Garmin and proceeded down my first hill before something flew out at me. A wild turkey… he (or she) flew into the woods. Soon after a crazy sounding bird started making all kinds of noises. I was just hoping it was not some sort of war cry. I got to the base of the hill and powered up the second. I was full speed ahead and I approached the top of the hill.

As I got to the top all of a sudden something large and black sprung up at me. My first thought was a bear cub and my mind panic as I envisioned the mother lurking about. As I regained my senses I realized it was another damn turkey. It’s wing span was long… if I were to guess I would say 4 feet, but that is most likely an exaggeration. It made some sort of horrible noise and I could feel his eyes piercing me. He finally flew in the other direction when I let out a scream.

I quickly turned around and headed down the hill and up the other side to the safety of my driveway (yes, it is true, I was not really out in the wilderness).

I had to catch my breath and plan my second interval. I would not let these wild-crazed turkeys ruin my workout. I prepared myself for my next pass. As I started down again I could feel the presence of creatures in the woods but kept running towards the hill. Up again, but not so far as where the insane turkey was. back down and back up again…

Pass three… I get to the bottom of the first hill and I here a CROAK and a frog jumps out of nowhere. I think it touched my leg. Needless to say I bounded up the next hill.

Pass four… I am a little paranoid at this point. I am worried about stepping on the frog, but he is nowhere to be seen. He is safe.

Pass five… the hills come and go without incident but my legs are so tired. My heavy squats and deadlifts from the day before are being felt.

Pass six… my chance to finish strong. I think I have scared everything away at this point. If I had any strength left I would have run more.

I didn’t have these issues the other day so I can only hope it was the time of day that caused the critters to come out. It was about 6:30 and the sun finally stopped blazing. I guess I will have to do all my training in the heat of the day to be safe from nature.


1 Comment

  1. Linda Phelps

    You ae so funny with flying things and then a frog drops out. I think I would have been a little paranoid too.

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