Pre-race meals are different now

Since I have cut out wheat the days of “carb-loading” with pasta are gone. I have not had anything containing gluten for two months now and really do not miss it at all. I realized pasta is just a filler – a vehicle for all the good stuff you put on top of it. Now I just eat the good stuff – meatballs, italian sausage, etc… all taste fine over some sort of veggie.

The only time I thought I might miss it would be pre-race days. One of my all-tie favorite dishes is a roast butternut squash, pancetta, pasta and goat cheese dish. The goat cheese melts into the pasta… so delightful. Now, however, I think I found something better…warm spinach and sweet potato salad, compliments of one of my new favorite websites Everyday Paleo

I should have taken my own picture, but I dug into it to quickly! It has the perfect combination of sweet potatoes, spinach, bacon, leeks… well, go read the recipe….

I cooked some chicken breasts to go with it and cut them up and tossed them with the salad. It was delicious and satisfying. it sounded like the perfect pre-race meal.

It will be an early morning tomorrow. I think I will have to get up around 4:30 to have my coffee and get myself together before hitting the road about 6:00 or so. The race starts at 8:00, but I have almost an hour drive and have to get checked in. I am nervous but excited to see if my handwork is paying off!


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