Training for Murph

There are just a couple of weeks until the big challenge Memorial Day Murph. Check out the website for details… it is awesome challenge for a great cause. I am doing it on my own but that does not lessen the intensity in which I am going to have to work. This WOD is no joke and I am doing some training for it.

The WOD is:
1 mile run
100 pull-ups
200 push-ups
300 squats
1 mile run

I am going to do this at my house and use the trails for the running part. This week for training I did three days in a row of squats. Between Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I totaled 330 squats; Sunday back squats, Monday snatches (which have a squatting element) and Tuesday air squats. I did about 200 push-ups and no pull-ups, need to work on those tonight. The result? Since I did the squats after a 9.3 mile trail run my legs are trash!

My quads were pretty sore despite my extra stretching after each session. I hobbled around most the day yesterday and even though I did my best to hide the pain people noticed I wasn’t walking at my usual pace! I was invited to run after work on Wednesday…. more trails, and I accepted. It was slow, but it actually felt good to get moving. I probably should have walked at lunch as well. I think it is the sitting that does so much damage!

Later that night I was whining and John suggested the TENS Unit. I really do not enjoy that thing but it was worth a shot. I plugged myself up and put the big pads over my quads. The muscles twitched and jerked. Afterwards I still had trouble getting up into a standing position so it didn’t seem to help. I popped some Advil, which I rarely do, and went to bed.

Miraculously the next morning (today) I have almost no pain. There is a little bit of soreness, but nothing like the day before. I went ahead and hooked myself up again and, as I type, the muscles are being worked. Every once in a while the machine seems to take on a life of its own and my muscles spasm, but it’s all good. Hopefully I will be back on track tonight. I have two more days of workouts to get in before traveling for four days.

I like to think I can stay on schedule while traveling for work, but I can’t count on it. I am flying to the Portland, OR and honestly the time change always kills me. Since I am there for only a few days it is not enough time to get caught up on sleep. Plus I know fun and festivities will take over. The first two days are really free, vacation days and I want to relax and have a good time. I plan to do a lot of walking around the city so hopefully that will count as something. Two days will be spent stuck in meetings then another day spent in a plane flying home. I need to work out hard now while I can!


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