1000 meter time trial

The day after “Murph” was a sore one… my quads are sore from all the squats. Sore in a good way!

Today’s workout added to the pain. My lunchtime run was 8 x 200 meter sprints. I was HOT HOT HOT outside at lunch and only going to get hotter. I cannot say this my best effort… between my sore legs and the heat I do not think I set any speed records. I am going to have to rethink my training schedule. I do not think I am going to make it through summer doing these tough workouts at high noon. There are two options; get up early and run and do Crossfit at night, or Crossfit in the morning and run at night. I can’t say I am a fan of exercising in the morning but I may not have a choice.

Tonight’s CF workout was:
15 Good Mornings w/35lbs
3 x 15 sit ups and 15 glute ham raises

Since my run was not great I decided to add on a bonus 1000 meter row for time. I recently read an article (that I wish I book marked) that said a good solid time that showed rowing efficiency is between 3:15 and 4:30. I gave it all I had and ended up with 4:24. I started off WAY too fast and as a result was gasping for air at the end. I was going for ALL OUT EFFORT, which I did, but perhaps a little bit of pacing would have been wise. 1000 meters is longer than you think!

I also snuck in some mobility – I have been neglecting my stretch bands. They sit in a little, colorful pile by the squat rack just waiting to be used. I put them to use tonight and feel much better for it.

Can’t wait to see what workout tomorrow brings!


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