Monthly Archives: May, 2011

Semi-rest day

This week I decided to start following the CFE programming which means no Friday rest day. There are no complete rest days, just semi-rest days. Most days are CFE workout and S&C workout. So for today it was rest day for running and heavy lifting for S&C. It really did feel like a rest. The …

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Burpees in the WOD

The day I have been dreading! Each night I check the CFE site for the WOD of the day for the next day. THe new ones are usually posted after 9:00 PM. I like to know at least a day ahead what is in store for me… I clicked and low and behold the dreaded …

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Work, eat, rest

Work, eat, rest… pretty much sums up my last few days. I took a much needed vacation from work – I had to get out of that place!! My goal was simple — do whatever I wanted to do, whenever I wanted. It was a success. I started each day early so I could sit …

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