Perfect weekend

I had a great weekend… I say “perfect” but that would have been a weekend with my daughter around as well. So, it was ALMOST perfect.

The weekend started with a trail run with my brother on Crowder’s Mountain. I just wasn’t feeling the trails. My legs must have been fatigued from a tough workout week. I seemed to have trouble clearing even the smallest rock or root. I saved myself from falling multiple times… one time I was not successful and landed on the ground. Luckily I was running uphill so the damage was minimal. I managed to catch my fall with my right hand, on a rock… it was pretty painful and continued to be a pain the rest of the weekend. I iced it and tonight I am going to shock it with the TENS unit.

The rest of the day was spent lounging around with my parents in their pool, eating good food, having cocktails, sitting by the fire pit. A wonderful way to spend the day.

On Sunday morning I slept in until about 7:00 AM, which is very unusual. After a good cup of coffee and breakfast I headed out for my run. Well, after more lounging around I headed out… I needed to do a 3 mile time trial and thought it would be a good idea to get it over with. It was a good idea, but the conditions were not ideal for any great pace.

By the time I got to the park it was 11:30 and just about 90 degrees and sunny. I had already had a huge Gatorade and more in my water bottle for my run. I started out at a good pace and finished the first lie in 10:40. Good for me. the second mile a bit slower… the third slower yet. The sun was just too much. I ended up finishing in 35:20… much room for improvement before my next time trial. I just couldn’t help but walk much of the third mile. I tried convincing myself that I was in training for a run in Death Valley, but that did not help. I ran/walked the best I could and managed to finish running.

The good thing is that I was well hydrated and didn’t have any hand swelling or anything like I usually do. I decided to treat my hard effort to some Starbucks on the way home.

After grocery shopping and lunch I head to the basement for my Crossfit workout. One of my most dreaded exercises made it to the WOD. BURPEES. I hate them more than just about anything. So, I had a dilemma… I could SKIP that workout on account of my hurt wrist. Who does burpees with an injured wrist? I debated and debated and decided I needed to suck it up.

5 rounds for time:
3 Over head squats
7 burpees
5:30 minutes

You might see the short time and think it was easy, but it was not. I was gasping for breath by the end of it. Before that workout I did do a great warm-up and a 100 meter row for time (23 seconds).

I love the short, but intense, workouts of Crossfit. Not all are that short, it is nice when they are!



  1. Margaret J Marrano

    I love reading your post…..not only do you tell a story you make it feel like I’m doing it with you…. you are such an inspiration! Keep up the great hard job your doing….it will pay off …. it already has! Oh whats a burpee???

  2. lauraph2009

    Thanks Margaret!! If you go to YouTube and type in Burpee you will see… such fun… in standing position, jump down into push-up position, do a push-up then jump back up. over and over again! It was good seeing you the other night!

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