I have a coach!

I am so excited! After doing this on my own for a couple of years I decided to get some help. I spend a lot of time reading about professional athletes and runners and they all have one thing in common – they have coaches to tell them what to do! Well, that’s what I need! If they need help then so do I. A real, live, in-person coach… not an internet, celebrity person that I secretly call “my coach”. Life is going to be interesting.

My coach is Coach Katie Malone of Malone Coaching, professional triathlete and 19 time Ironman! Amazing!! I cannot wait to get started.

There are only 137 days until the marathon! The countdown is on.

Thankfully I am finally starting to feel better. Three days of antibiotics is already helping. I am still getting dizzy spells from the sinus and ear infection, but hopefully those will go away soon. I ran this morning and had the best track workout I have had in a while. I felt good and finished strong… my last interval was faster than the first.

It’s just about time for bed! It has been a long day!


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