Rest and Recovery

I am just going to call the last two weeks rest and recovery… the week before last I was sick, it ended up being sinus and ear infection. This past week I was still recovering. I was prescribed some heavy duty antibiotics — 875 mg. That seemed a bit much! I took them for 4 days and felt terrible each day. Dizzy and nauseous each day… I decided to stop taking them despite the instructions to them for 10 days. I just can’t do it. I still have a bit of congestion and a little bit of dizziness, but it is getting better.

Today is Sunday and 19 weeks before the marathon. This week I start working with my coach. I had my first phone conversation yesterday and we talked about some of my running background and the training ahead. I am really excited to learn from her – I am going to do everything she tells me to do – I am very obedient!

One of the best things I have noticed so far is that she is very open minded. I had to fill out a form regarding my current training and I put Crossfit down and first of all didn’t really think she would know what it was and second, that if she did would want me to stop. I was wrong on both accounts. I felt kind of stupid because I started telling her about Crossfit, and she already knew all about it… later speaking of Crossfit Endurance, again telling her about that program and she knew about it, too! I am so used to having to explain it to people that I just went into that mode. I did clarify that not everyday is metcon… some days are heavy strength and conditioning, skills, etc. She kept CF in my weekly workout plan and I am happy.

Yesterday I also had a pretty decent run around the lake – 4.8 hilly miles. I had to do a good bit of walking the last .8 but I finished strong. I finished in 58 minutes, which is slow for that distance, but the course is pretty tough. My best time around that lake is 56 minutes. There is a race around the lake every year so I plan on getting faster before it comes up in September.

Today I am going to do my first Crossfit workout in two weeks! I am excited to get back in the game!


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  1. Sorry you have been so sick! Hope you are feeling better soon! I am so excited to hear about your work with your coach!! So awesome! Keep up the great work 🙂 You inspire me!


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