1 down, 18 to go!

Week one of my marathon training is complete. It was a very good and productive week. I had four Crossfit workouts and 3 runs. The runs totaled 13 miles for the week, each week will get progressively longer and presumably faster. My long run was 5 miles and in the middle of it I had to do 10 faster intervals of 30 seconds with a 1 minute recovery jog. I was not supposed to walk during the one minute recoveries… My first long run of the training and I broke the only rule she gave me. The course I ran was hilly and those hills came right in the middle of my intervals. My heartrate was through the roof and I had to walk up the hill to get any sort of recovery.

The grand finale of the week was a 10 mile bike ride. Now, for cyclists this is a mere warm-up… I was dreading it! Once I got out there and got started it was fine. Uncomfortable, but fine. I need to get myself some cycling shorts with some padding. You would think I would have that area covered… but no, I do not think there is enough padding in the world to make a bike seat comfortable. I also need a bike rack for my car. I was irritated before I even started trying to get that stupid bike in the back of the Prius. If I am going to be doing this every Sunday for the next 18 weeks I better make it easier on myself.


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