Basic body maintenance

The alarm clock went off bright and early this morning for my Tuesday morning track workout. It is so hard to get up and get out there. Once I am out there I am fine – the air is cool and there are only a few other people out there… it is nice. After a mile warm-up that included skipping (yes, I felt like a bit of a fool) I started my track workout. 2 x200 med/hard, 2 x 200 hard/fast, 2 x 400 under 2:15.Each hard effort hard the same distance of recovery afterwards. I am trying to slow jog between laps instead of walking the whole recovery. I hit all my laps as prescribed!

At night I had my Crossfit workout that included deadlifts – I have never had a problem with them, but after the first set of 12 I felt a twinge in my hamstring. I carried on with the next moves and when I came back for my second round of deadlifts it hurt again. oh no! I finished up my workout without them and then started in on some body maintenance.

One thing I have learned from one of my favorite blogs MobilityWOD is that we should be able to repair ourselves. Ideally, we should be doing things everyday to prevent injury, which I do. Somehow, despite my best efforts, something still went wrong.

I spent a lot of time with the lacrosse ball rolling around on it from my lower back to my calves working out any trigger points. I did some very light stretching and then hooked up the TENS units (not prescribed in MobilityWOD, by the way). By the end of all that the hamstring no longer hurt. We will just have to see how things go tomorrow – hopefully it won’t flair up again.

It was another good food day:
B: 2 scrambled eggs and a Lara bar (needed some carbs after my workout)
S: Chobani peach yogurt
L: Salad with turkey, avocado and cabbage/mango slaw
S: Kind bar
D: Cobb salad with leftover grilled chicken, roasted sweet potatoes
S: watermelon

Off to bed!


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