17 weeks to go!

Another great training week has passed. I had another bike ride yesterday, 12 miles (I actually went 12.85… I miscalculated the last lap). I chose a different place to ride this week – I had to do 3 sets of 1 mile “fast” and 1 mile recovery in the middle of the 12 miles. I found a relatively flat area to ride back and forth on for my repeats. This is not an easy task! There are hills everywhere and I hope that these hills eventually serve me well. I really enjoyed my ride and look forward to my next one!

And finally, my books came! My trainer recommended that I read a book called “Mind Gym”. I need a lot of help in this area!!! I have plenty of motivation and I train hard, but for some reason there is always that doubt in my mind that I will be good enough… that I am training hard enough… that I look stupid… who knows why. I started reading the book and so far it has a lot of visualization techniques. Hopefully they tricks will work. I am starting by visualizing myself with the perfect running form. Leaning forward, hips forward, arms pumping, mid-foot strike, knees pulling. All of these things that I have read about and my coach tells me to do. I have to get them down solid so I do not have to think about it.

This week is going to be a busy week, but I have to keep my focus as much as possible. I need to get the workouts in.


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