Getting faster!

After only a couple of weeks working with Coach Katie my track work is already improving. I am running my 400’s at 2:00 minutes and my 200’s under one minute! The best thing is that they are consistent… last year at some point when I would doing track work I got did a 400 in 1:56, but I was never able to reproduce it. And, I think I did it for my first interval and then the rest just got slower. Yesterday my intervals kept getting faster and my best times were my last intervals – just the way it should be.

My Thursday night “tempo” run was supposed to be three miles in 30 minutes – it didn’t quite make it. I finished in 33 minutes. I needed to start off a bit slower and finish strong. I started getting side cramps mid way through and had to walk a bit. Other than that I felt good despite the heat and the bugs. I started running at 7:30 at night and the air was thick. There were little hard bugs flying around everywhere and I think I swallowed a couple. I tried to run faster through them but it didn’t help. When I got home I even had some of these little critters in my sports bra! I have no idea what they were but I hope they have passed!

I have to cross train today, rest tomorrow and 6 miles on Sunday.


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  1. You are continuing to amaze yourself and inspire us all!

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