The Great Gel Experiment

In an effort to get through my training and ultimately the marathon I have got to learn how to fuel on the run. I think I got the pre-race meal figured out – protein and carbs… I feel the best with a scrambled egg and a few bites of roasted sweet potato. It is easy on the stomach.

On Sunday I was to take a gel every 20 minutes for the first hour. That meant three gels. I thought I would really push the envelope and try three different kinds of gels.

Honey Stinger
2nd Surge

I have tried CarbBOOM before and I just do not like it. The “flavor” is ok, but I hate the texture. It is the only brand in my local health food store because the owner thinks so highly of it and I want to like it, but I don’t.

Honey Stinger – I want to like this one, too. Lance Armstrong likes it! It must be good. It is. It is delicious (tastes like honey, after all) the texture is like thin honey… but honestly I am not sure it did a thing for me. Well, I am not sure any of them really did anything. Who knows.

2nd Surge – THE WINNER! This had the best texture and flavor. It has carbs AND protein. And, it has all natural ingredients. Plus, it has an added bonus….not only does it help muscle fatigue but BRAIN fatigue!! Just what I needed! The funny thing is that when I took it I didn’t know about this secret power so maybe I didn’t pick up on the effects. I will buy more and see if I notice:)




  1. Good to know. I have always done Chocolate GU or AccelGel’s Strawberry Kiwi. Will have to try the 2nd Surge. Keep up the great work 🙂

  2. lauraph2009

    Thanks Melissa! There are only two flavors – chocolate and expresso. I tried the expresso and it was good. It is made by the same company as AccelGel. I have only seen it at Academy Sports. I might have to order some.

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